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Case Study: OTC Installs Innosen's Plain Margin Inspector for Metal Sheets


Published: 27/05/2014

by Innosen


Canmakers need not worry anymore about contamination on metal sheets. Innosen has the solution! Innosen launched one of the new addition to its line of products for 3-pc canmaking, the IS610

Plain Margin Inspector.


Innosen’s IS610 Plain Margin Inspector is a self-calibrating, auto-learning sensor that effectively detects lacquer or varnish contamination on the margin of a sheet on a slitter. It has a microcomputer inside that processes all the data, decides the threshold levels based on those data, and transmits the corresponding "bad" or "good" output signal. The sensor is intended to be installed on slitter machines and should be aligned properly to the desired position of the sheet margin.  This position also corresponds  to the blade/cutter  position.  It works on all types of lacquer including clear ones.

 IS610 Plain Margin Inspector

Oriental Tin Can and Metal Sheets Manufacturing is one of the biggest and most innovative Canmaking Companies in the Philippines. The company shares their success story using Innosen’s IS610 in improving plant efficiency and productivity.


“Everyday, we produce hundreds of thousands of tin cans in our production lines. T ime is of utmost value to us. We cannot waste our time worrying. Delays and production downtime mean more costs on our part. T ime lost is money lost.” said Felimon Dexter Chua, Senior Vice President of OTC.


“Innosen’s Plain Margin Inspector effectively detects lacquer and other contaminations that can potentially damage our welders. The major concern we have (aside from the wire breakage) is that the contamination  on the margin  could  contribute  to  welding  defects  which  may  reach  the  customer.  Weld  sparks  can  cause burns/holes  on the can when formed which may lead to leakers on filling lines of the customer.  The IS610 improved weld quality, which degrades when contamination is present. It has increased overall productivity and efficiency in our production lines by preventing delays and downtime caused by the damage.” Mr. Chua added.


 IS610 mounted on a slitter

The IS610 Plain Margin Inspector significantly reduces the risk of wire breakages on the welder. Furthermore it is also capable of detecting severely skewed and translated margins. It also lessens production downtime by automatically self-adjusting and calibrating operating parameters on the first few sheets that is sees after a period of inactivity.


Innosen specializes in the production and development of cost-effective sensors and quality assurance equipment for3-pc canmakers worldwide. Originally from Sencon’s 3-pc division, the company continues to act as agent and reseller of selected Sencon products specific to 3-pc canmaking. For 3-pc canmakers worldwide, Innosen offers only the best and most innovative solutions with 17 years of experience in the canmaking industry. Innosen has offices located in various parts of the world.


Watch the IS610 Video Case Study by clicking here.