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Double Seam Analysis


Published: 11/08/2014

by CanMaking.Info


A spreadsheet for entering double seam measurement results with formula for calculating the Free Space, Actual Overlap and Body Hook Butting values, and the calculation of the range and mean average of the measurements and results displayed as a table and on individual graphs.

Calculations are based on a mean of five cans per seamer head, and the mean of two positions of measurements per can, for can closing machines sealing metal cans with one to six seaming heads.

All dimensions in millimetres unless otherwise specified.

Key to Measurement Nomenclature

OCH = Overall Can Height
CSK = Countersink Depth
SL = Seam Length
ST = Seam Thickness
BH = Body Hook
EH = End Hook
Te = End Thickness
Tb = Body Thickness
TR = Tighness Ratio

Key to Calculated Value Nomenclature

FS = Free Space
AO = Actual Overlap
BHB = Body Hook Butting
CHt = Can Height

For more information about the parameters of a double seam on a metal can refer to the Double Seam Dimensional Terminology data sheet.

Refer to the appropriate Double Seam Specification data sheet applicable for the cans and ends being seamed. See examples 73mm - 99mm - 153mm.

To create your own Double Seam Specification data sheet use our templates: Composite - Cores & Tubes - Tinplate

For general information about double seaming of metal cans refer to the various manuals published elsewhere in the articles section here on CanMaking.Info