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Pubblicato: 24/09/2013 da H van Tuyn in White Papers

Contamination on margins of metal sheets can cause broken weld wires and wire breakages, damaging machinery and risking poor product quality. One of the largest canmakers in the Philippines share how they controlled this problem.

Double Seam Analysis

Pubblicato: 11/08/2014 da CanMaking.Info in Doppie cuciture manuali

Spreadsheet to input results and display graphs for double seam analysis.

Patented perfect double, manufactured by Bert Manufacturing.

Article about a carbon infra-red system supplied to Crown Packaging by Heraeus Noblelight that is used to cure lacqeur

Article about Heraeus Noblelight's work with Carnaud Metal Box using an IR drying system.

Example Food Can Data Sheet

Pubblicato: 18/11/2014 da CanMaking.Info in White Papers

Example Food Can Data Sheet

BBC News article exploring how the first can was invented and how it has changed over 200 years.