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MEM Holland B.V.


MEM Holland is one of the oldest company's known in the canmaking industry. Founded in 1946 dealing in used canmaking equipment for the last 60 years and developing solutions for their customers.


Industrieweg 43-45 2651 BC Berkel en Rodenrijs The Netherlands

telefonnummer: Telefonnummer anzeigen+31 10 414 91 51

faxnummer: Faxnummer anzeigen+31 10 511 71 34

website: http://www.memholland.com/t/1/p/home/home.html



MEM Holland is able to offer all kind of machines like: duplex slitters, automatic Welders, inside powder coating system, outside lacquering system and curing ovens, necking, flanging, beading, seaming machines, automatic palletizers, automatic sheet feed presses, compound liners.

Due to this very wide range of products MEM Holland is able to offer complete lines, such as complete canmaking lines for 3-piece food cans, paint cans, aerosols and complete endmaking lines. Giving the possibility to the customer to work with one company and have all machines adjusted on each other beginning under one roof already. Due to its high-service program MEM Holland provides full service to their customers, arranging line lay-outs, full installation services and trainings to operate the machines.

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