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IPA - International Packaging Association


IPA – the International Packaging Association – is an association of major and independent canmakers from four continents. Its members are corporations manufacturing metal cans as the main activity.

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Paul-Michael-Str. 4 Leipzig Germany

téléphone: afficher le téléphone+49 - 341- 4422612

fax: afficher le fax+49 - 341- 4422613

web site: http://www.ipacan.com

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All associates operate in geographically different markets, or in different products. The exchange of information is voluntary, open and friendly, and in English.

All information gathered for or produced by IPA members and committees is treated as strictly confidential and may not be released outside the Association without specific prior approval of all parties involved. A Confidentiality Agreement is signed by the members in order to protect and encourage a free and open exchange of information

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