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Why are seamers not following hygiene...

par CanMaking.Info sur 23/09/2014 - 15:47

After my first visit to a food cannery this afternoon, a question came to the fore front of my mind; how can food canners be allowed to put can seamers onto the production line that are clearly so old and unhygienic? After following strict hygiene regulations before entering the factory floor, being made to wear a hair net and snood to cover my facial hear, it was a complete shock to see such an old and decrepit seamer placed amongst such sparkling clean stainless steel machines. The seamer from a distance obviously looked like any of the other part of the production line. It was only on closer inspection that the repeated layers of paint could be seen to be just covering up what was a painf ...

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What A Response!

par CanMaking.Info sur 08/01/2014 - 10:51

Wow!! What a result! Over 10,000 page views since CanMaking.info was formally announced to the can industry. We did not expect that!

When I originally had the idea of a knowledge based internet site for the can industry I did believe it would be a success, but to receive such a fantastic flow of visitors is indeed very rewarding.

And the supporting visitor statistics really endorse the positive feedback we have received; with visitors viewing nearly eight pages each visit, coupled with a fantastic low bounce rate of  under twenty-eight per cent (that is the percentage of visitors who simply do not stay around having landed on the site).

One of the reasons for the quality of the ...

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Welcome to CanMaking.Info!

par CanMaking.Info sur 30/08/2013 - 11:00

L'industrie d'emballages métalliques m'a donné une richesse de l'amitié, de connaissances et de voyages à l'étranger, depuis que j'ai été employé par Metal Box Engineering en tant qu'apprenti ingénieur mécanique à l'été 1976. Maintenant, avec plus de 37 ans au service de cette industrie merveilleuse, j'ai voulu contribuer quelque chose qui profitera à la communauté véritablement globale de fabricants de boîtes et leurs fournisseurs.Bien que nous soyons admirablement servie par les médias imprimés commerciaux et les sites de nouvelles en ligne, comme ingén ...

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