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How do I create an event?

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Step 1 - Go to www.CanMaking.Info


Step 2 - Click "advertise with us"


Step 3 - Select event options, where you can view the benefits of either a basic or premium listing, then click sign up.


Step 4 - Choose basic or premium. If a new user, enter e-mail address and choose a password. If you already have an account, select sign in with directory account and log in.


Step 5 - Enter event title and start date.


Step 6 - Enter personal information for profile (this will not be seen on the event). Click continue.


Step 7 - Fill out event details, including contact details, address and keywords for website search. Click submit.


Step 8 - You have successfully created an event. This will become live on the website once it has been approved by a member of the admin team.


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