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How do I create an article?

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Step 1 - Go to www.CanMaking.Info


Step 2 - Click on “advertise with us” from the top menu bar.


Step 3 - Click "article options", the scroll down and click sign up.


Step 4 - Either sign in using an existing account or create a new account. Fill in personal details then click continue.


Step 5 - Enter information about the article. Scroll down and attach an image if you wish. Write an abstract (short summary) for the article. Enter the article content. It is possible to either type text in the box or to click the HTML button and paste a PDF embed code from another hosting site.


Step 6 - Enter keywords and choose a category. Click submit.


Step 7 - You have successfully created an article which will become live on the website once it has been approved by admin.


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