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How do I claim a listing?

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Please watch the video guide below for more help on how to claim your listing. Alternatively follow the steps at the bottom of the page for clear and concise instructions.



Step 1 - Go to www.CanMaking.Info


Step 2 - Search for your company name in the keyword search at the top of the homepage. If you find your company is not listed on CanMaking.Info. Please click here.


Step 3 - Once you have located your company, click the orange text "claim this listing".


Step 4 - Sign in using an existing account, or select "No, i'm a new user" to create a new account. Fill in your details then click the "Claim this listing" button at the bottom of the page.


Step 5 - Select either Bronze, Silver or Gold level listings. For more information on what the benefits are for each of these levels please click here.


Step 6 - Enter company information such as web address, postal address, keywords and categories. Click "Next".


Step 7 - You have succesfully claimed your listing. The listing will become live once it has been approved my a member of the admin team.

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