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Complete 25 Litre Edible Oil Drum Making Line


Fully automatic line for 287 mm diameter welded drums.

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United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1903 810110

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Stall feeder - Soudronic RZDa 25 welder - MGR RR/PS side striping system - MGR CN3/V expander - MGR TP flanger - MGR NT3/V beader - (2) MGR AA3/V seamer - Wilco F30 4STI auto tester - NV Van de Capel palletiser - All interconnecting conveyors and line controls - Maximum output 800 drums per hour - Year of Manufacture: 1986 - A modern manufacturing line in excellent condition for the production of 25 litre drums decommissioned but still installed at original owner's continental Europe factory. Viewing is invited and recommended.