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What A Response!

by CanMaking.Info on 08/01/2014 - 10:51 am

Wow!! What a result! Over 10,000 page views since CanMaking.info was formally announced to the can industry. We did not expect that!

When I originally had the idea of a knowledge based internet site for the can industry I did believe it would be a success, but to receive such a fantastic flow of visitors is indeed very rewarding.

And the supporting visitor statistics really endorse the positive feedback we have received; with visitors viewing nearly eight pages each visit, coupled with a fantastic low bounce rate of  under twenty-eight per cent (that is the percentage of visitors who simply do not stay around having landed on the site).

One of the reasons for the quality of the visitor stats is that we have opted not to crank up the search engine optimisation for the site, preferring to concentrate on marketing the site direct to the worldwide can making community rather than driving up the flow of internet visitors via the search engines. This strategy is designed to ensure that sponsors will receive quality impressions to their listings and advertising, and potentially more click throughs.

As the stats build over the coming months we will start to publish more data, and in due course we will turn on the facility that will allow all sponsors to view the visitor statistics relating to their listings, classified adverts and articles through their profile account.

Even now the visitor stats for our sponsors are very rewarding; for example ACTEGA Artistica S.A have already had fifty click throughs to their company website from their enhanced gold level suppliers listing. And Harry van Tuyn’s article about Rosario decorators has been opened eighty-two times!

I have always been frustrated by the lack of marketing data available to suppliers from the traditional can industry media, and it is my promise that CanMaking.Info will always publish openly and without censorship all the site traffic data, and provide free access to the traffic reports for individual sponsors.

Thank you for such a positive response to the launch of CanMaking.Info and please post, tweet, and blog about us to all your can industry colleagues! I nearly wrote please spread the word, but that is so not socio media speak (apparently)...

John Jenner
Founding Sponsor

A larger copy of the image can be seen here.