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Published: 24/09/2013

by H van Tuyn


The Decorator based on the well known Rutherford of Sequa Can Machinery, redesigned with improved units as Inkers, Infeed, Spindledisk and transfer, build to suit canmakers who want to do faster Label changes and also allow quick changes between length and diameters of the cans without any compromise to the excellent print quality.

Rosario does give you that flexibility, the machine is designed to do it all by people knowing how to build these machines, aside all of this these machines are extremely reliable and put more cans on the pallet during it's life compared to any other Beverage Decorator.

This is not the only product we supply, we can also upgrade your Rutherford Decorators to do the same as the whole machine is build with Modular kits, these kits can be taken off to allow installing even more modern ones we will design, this assures your old Rutherford can be upgraded with the same upgrades we now have put on our latest machines.

Our method assures you never have to replace machines to do what your customers are asking you to do, Improve your print and speed.

Amoung other products we sell are Basecoaters, Inker washers, Temperature controlled systems with chillers, Mist Collection systems and all this with a training package we can offer at an additional cost.

Call us today in case you have any interest alternatively send us a mail at info@rosario.nl or visit our Website www.Rosario.nl for more information.